“Let us open our eyes to the light that comes from God.” RB Prol 9

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The Safeguarding Standards the Benedictine Monks at Arcadia commit to:

Standard 1: Committed leadership, governance and culture

Criterion 1.1: The Benedictine Monks publicly commit to child and vulnerable adult safeguarding and takes a zero-tolerance approach to child and vulnerable adult abuse.

Indicator 1.1.1 The Benedictine Monks have a Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy that is approved and endorsed by the Priory Chapter, the Prior and his Council and is publicly available.

Indicator 1.1.2 The Benedictine Monks publish a Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Statement which is openly displayed and publicly available.

Criterion 1.2: A child and vulnerable adult safeguarding culture is championed and modelled at all levels of the community from the top down and from the bottom up.

Indicator 1.2.1 The Prior and Community of St Benedict’s Monastery Arcadia create and maintain its culture of safeguarding by:

  • promoting child and vulnerable adult safeguarding regularly;
  • emphasising that child and vulnerable adult safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility;
  • actively monitoring safeguarding compliance and risk management.

The Benedictine Monks at Arcadia are committed to the Safeguarding values of the Diocese of Broken Bay in which we live:

Upcoming Events

The Christian Meditation Days scheduled for third Sundays of May, August have been cancelled due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

November depends on lockdown details at the time.

Our address:

St Benedict’s Monastery

121 Arcadia Rd, Arcadia, NSW, 2159

email: monks@benedictine.org.au

Phone numbers:

Fr David (Prior) 0400 371 260

Fr Alberic 0414 337 757

Fr Hilarion 0478 909 541

Fr Bernard 0416 032 497

Br Terry 0438 282 318 (guest master)

Br Mario 0409 032 930

Sunrise over our part of creation
Skies fire coloured
Work of human hands pointing to that which ever was, is and will be...
  • Explore our Library!
  • With over 30,000 volumes there is a lot to discover.
  • Specialist areas include:
    • Biblical Studies,
    • Early Christian Writings,
    • Monasticism,
    • Spirituality,
    • Liturgy,
    • Theology,
    • History and much more…
  • Its focus is on serious scholarship and the collection includes many monographs and journals in a variety of languages.
  • Wendy Bartlett, our librarian is available Wednesdays 8am to 4pm.