david orr“All guests who present themselves at a monastery are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me. (Mt 25.35),” (Rule of St Benedict, ch. 53: On the Reception of Guests), and that includes guests to our website today, of course. So welcome again!

In our monastery we are inspired by the Gospels and the Rule of Benedict to live a disciplined life designed to school us in the growth of virtue and the eradication of vices. We value our membership of the  Benedictine Confederation, where those communities approved by the Church work together and find support. We also belong to the Benedictine Union of Australia and New Zealand in which women and men following the traditions of St Benedict meet and encourage one another in living out our charism.

Our life involves living together in community, supporting each other “with the utmost patience” (RB 72.5)  in our search for God through prayer, work, lectio, study and mutual co-operation. We chant all the hours of the Divine Office together, and in our various works we support both the life of the local monastery and of the wider Church, in retreat work, spiritual accompaniment, lecturing in Liturgy, Biblical Studies, Spirituality for theological institutions and groups, as well as some limited pastoral involvement in keeping with the priestly ministry of some of the monks, and the needs of the local Church.

We are currently, and belatedly, updating our website, so please be patient with us. Michael Kelly OSB who had taken care of it for many years was elected Abbot General, which took him to Rome, and since then we have been searching for a suitable replacement for this ongoing and important task.

David Orr OSB